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Golden Gate Bridge

Golden Gate Bridge is one of the most iconic attractions of ┬áSan Francisco and a must-see for first timer visiting . Consequently, it is one of the most internationally recognized symbols of the United States. The American Society of Civil Engineers declared it as one of the Wonders of the Modern World. The Frommer’s travel guide describes the Golden Gate Bridge as quite possibly the most beautiful, certainly the most photographed, bridge in the world. The color of the bridge is officially an orange vermilion called international orange. Many people enjoy the bridge by driving across, walking, or biking. The main walkway is on the eastern side and open for use by both pedestrians and bicycles in the morning to mid-afternoon during weekdays (5 am to 3:30 pm). Pedestrians only may use it for the remaining daylight hours (until 6 pm, or 9 pm during DST).

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Stay In The Bay is an expanding portfolio of independently operated budget accommodations in and around central San Francisco Bay Area neighborhoods/cities. Our properties span from King City to Novato and into the heart of the city. Each hotel caters to the charm of their unique locale while delivering the consistent service and affordability of franchise hospitality.